Monday, 18 November 2013

REVIEW: The "Punky Pins & Pink Eyebrows" Edition

I've been a fan of Punky Pins for a long time: every Christmas without fail, their mega mystery bags get me out of tight spots when I've forgotten to get someone a present at last minute! So when they offered two necklaces to review, I decided to get creative with them and see how I could make them match different styles...and believe me, I change mine every day!

First of all, this adorable strawberry plant charm necklace - I wore this to the Breasticles vs Testicles charity bout a couple of weeks ago. I was playing in the first bout, and announcing the second, and the necklace is quite fitting as my derby and announcing name are strawberry-related (I have an obsession...) Also, can I just say how much I'm enjoying having pink eyebrows? I dyed them for the bout as  we were raising money for breast and testicular cancer (as if the name wasn't a giveaway!) so pink they went! 
The strawberries and little flowers are printed onto wooden charms, and surprisingly they're not noisy or annoying (usually the case with charm necklaces). Instead they move with you, and look really pretty. I got compliments all day wearing this! I teamed it with a spotty dress and curled hair for the day...but forgot I was playing the first bout, so in the end I wore it with my sweaty Injustice League top, wild hair and shiny red still matched!

Next, this skeleton heart chunky necklace was worn with my collared dress (which I actually bought for my Halloween costume but fell in love with!), Noir by Geisha Wigs, skeleton print tights and chunky creepers...but we got rained out that day so we stayed inside. I love this outfit, I felt a bit like Moira, the maid from American Horror Story...although I wish I really looked like her, she's beautiful!
This is laser-cut acrylic, and it's actually double layered - the ribs are cut from the black, so the white shows through underneath. It's fast become a personal favourite of mine, and I've worn it pretty much every day since I received it. It's the perfect length, and funnily enough it's the same size as the heart locket on my chest - so from a distance it looks like it's part of the tattoo!

I like how wide the range of jewellery they have to offer is: kitsch, vintage style, tattoo inspired, fun, graphic-style and there's even some cute pastel-goth inspired pieces as well. I think my choice of jewellery just shows how they can make everything that matches different looks! From creepy, slightly vintage Goth to bright and vivid!
I've also had a nosy on the website, and seeing as it's coming up to THAT time of year and I'm feeling strangely festive for once, I've picked my top five products from the Punky Pins Christmas range


Thank you for reading guys! I'll be back to normal service soon. My laptop is fixed, so I can finally blog properly again and also I have some wonderful wiggy goodness to share with you all :) 
Let me know if you check out Punky Pins and what your favourite piece by them is!

Lots of love

DISCLAIMER: These pieces of jewellery were sent to me to review by Punky Pins. This does not affect my opinion, as you all know I strive to put the best of the best out there, and all my reviews are honest and of my own opinion.


  1. I love Punky Pins. Their jewelry is awesome! I wish shipping to the US was less so I could buy from them more. :D

    1. They truly are brilliant! It's a shame shipping to the US costs so much, but worth it for the pretties! Xxx

  2. Beautiful necklaces! I love all of them :)

    1. Same! I'm especially loving the snow's been on my list for a couple of years now and I've just never gotten round to getting it! Xxx


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